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AMS Travel Sales is proud to sponsor the Geocache Talk Podcast!  We are excited to support the efforts of Gary, Jesse and Sydney as they bring us the exciting world of geocaching each week!  Our hosted geocaching adventures are on sale now and we're happy to offer fans of the show exclusive perks and deals.  Just mention you're a listener of the Geocache Talk Podcast when you make your initial request!

Here's your first perk, a complimentary guide to traveling with a group of friends when you sign up for our monthly newsletter!  We want you to bring your Geocaching Groups to us!

We'll visit Alaska this year and Costa Rica next year, grabbing caches as we do!  You're welcome to join us! The more people that join us the more exciting these events can be. Our plan is to have at least one hosted geocaching group event each year. We're putting together ideas for 2020 and beyond, so if you've got a special destination you'd love to visit- we're open to suggestions!

We invite each of you to follow us on Facebook for updates on our hosted geocaching events and new promotions from our favorite travel suppliers.

Cache the Waves Cruises

Exclusive Geocache Talk Podcast Listener Benefit:

50% off the Geocaching Package for one cruiser per room!

Normally $150 per person, now only $75 for the first guest, $150 for the each additional!

Includes your access to exclusive onboard events, special gifts and more!

Learn more about Cache the Waves 2019


For all other travel packages $1,000 or more,

GeocachingTalk Podcast Listeners will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

This offer is good for cruises, tours, theme park visits and more!

You have to mention GeocacheTalk Podcast when you book.  Valid for new reservations only!

At AMS Travel Sales, all of our travel can be Geocaching Travel!  With our included free .GPX files for your handheld GPS device, you'll be ready to cache in each destination you visit!  Just for our Geocache Talk Podcast Listeners, we offer a special perk on cruises, tours, hotel and resort stays (of over 3 nights).  Depending on the travel product you are interested in, that will take the form of a stateroom credit or a gift card.  Just mention you heard about us on the Geocache Talk Podcast when you submit your Quote Request or schedule your 15 Minute Adventure Planning Session.

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